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Do you have a wish?  Some deep desire you think will never come true?  Love, Health, Fame, Fortune?  Well it’s said that if you can complete the 11 Mile Ritual then your wish will be granted.  If it’s something tangible it may be in the trunk, backseat, or even your pocket if small enough.  If it’s something more abstract keep an eye on your life over the next week or so.

What You Need:

This must be played alone and all you need is a deep desire or wish and a working car (Preferably one with a full tank of gas and a heater)


  • Keep your windows up, Do not open them

  • Do not turn on the radio, listen to CDs, or anything like that (it should be quiet)

  • Do not use your phone

  • NEVER go over 30mph, despite the conditions

  • Never try to leave your car during this ritual

How to Play:

Start at night and drive where the roads are not busy.  You must find a particular road, this road does not have a name and the only way you’ll find it is to know what you’re looking for.  (Some say the road can’t even be found on a map, non-existent…you won’t be able to find it again once you’re done and leave).

You will know it’s the right road once you start seeing signs of what you desire.  Because this road leads you into the woods you may see it in the trees (glimmers of light, glowing, tiny hearts…something that “catches your eye”)…Start down the road~


Nothing much will happen this mile other than it may feel colder, Turn on the heat if you’d like and try to remain calm.


It will get colder (and continue to do so as you go), If the heater isn’t helping, speed up (DO NOT go over 30mph however).  There may be many hazards (sharp turns, rocks, potholes, etc.) Be very careful because if you have to stop your car then your journey ends.


You may begin to see shadows of other “humans” in the trees, despite the temptation, do not look at them.  The road will change to dirt (if it hasn’t already) just keep your eyes on the road and try to keep your car in the center (even if it changes in front of you).

Larm Rmah



The shadows will be getting closer and you may even hear them whispering in the back of your mind, Tune them out as much as possible and don’t try to figure out what they are saying, this will only draw them closer.

Milad Karbasi


The trees will disappear, revealing a clearing and a lake.  The moon will be incredibly bright (making you want to look, but if you do so for more then a few seconds you’ll end up in the lake, meeting a freezing death.)


Even though you’re over halfway through now you may feel hopeless as the woods will be back, the moon will be gone, and you’ll be left with only your headlights (which will flicker at random intervals).  Your radio will come on at some point this mile and a soothing voice will talk about your greatest fears (Do not listen, as it will throw you off course).  The voice will stop at the end of the mile so if you wish you may speed up (but remember to remain at 30mph or less)


The shadows will return as well as the voices (only now they’ll be screaming and getting much closer.)  At some point you’ll hear someone talking in your ear, (This is a shadow person that has gotten into the backseat)  Whatever you do DO NOT TURN AROUND TO LOOK! (it will paralyze you, ending your journey.)
Curious what these shadow people are?  It’s said that they are people who have tried & failed the challenge.  Their goal is to lead you off the path and make you one of them, but they will not physically harm you so just ignore them if you can.


Tirza van Dijk

Here you will need to slow down as there will be sharp turns.  The cold will be so harsh now that the heater will be of no help.  The headlights will flicker more and may possibly even go off.  Brake if you must but DO NOT STOP, the shadows will be following you and if you stall for too long they’ll surround you, clawing at your windows.  


Your vehicle (and all systems within) will stop working.  Close your eyes and start your car again.  The shadows will be all around by now, trying to get in (the windows may even crack under their attempts).  The voices will be all you hear.  Once the car starts, floor it (The shadows will stop when the mile is over.)

MILE 10:

Everything will seem to be calming down here, The voices will have stopped and the shadows will no longer be chasing you (They will still follow you though, watching as if they are amazed you made it)  However they will be happy…happy because they know you are likely about to die on the final mile.

MILE 11:

Your car will lose power again but continue moving forward (as if something is “pulling” it forward).  You will see a glowing red light ahead.  At this point close your eyes and cover them with your hands.  It will help if you can also cover your ears but your eyes are more important, keep them closed AT ALL COSTS!

The next 31 seconds will be the most terrifying, painful, and unbelieveable of your life.

There will be screaming, horrendous voices and noises that surround you, the cold you had been enduring will turn to a burning heat and it will feel like your skin is melting off from the intensity.  Keep your eyes closed and you’ll survive.  (This is known as literally going through a part of hell)

Once finished your car will start again (at this point you can stop and relax a moment).  You have completed the challenge and unlocked your wish.

To End:

Once you feel more at ease, start driving again until you reach a dead end.  Once there, stop, close your eyes, and think about your what you wanted and what you just went through to get it.  Once you have visualized that open your eyes.

Victória Kubiaki

You will be where you started (at the beginning of the road), If you wanted something material (like money) check the backseat or trunk, if it was something non tangible (like love or a job or something) go back to your life and it should present itself soon.


Why Play “The 11 Miles Challenge?”

It’s a “fun” challenge that has a pretty good reward for being able to complete it, However there’s also a pretty cool comparison to life that one reddit user, 1regit, gave and I quote:

” Honestly, I think this ritual can’t actually happen. Rather, it is all just an allegory, which makes it the most genius “ritual” in my opinion. Let me break it down.

If you want to achieve what you want in life, you must find the “road” and travel ahead when it presents itself. Once on the road, you can’t access any electronics or distractions. You can only go ahead without stopping, lest you get distracted. Much like real life, when you find an opportunity to get what you want, you can’t just backpedal unless you want to fail.

As the road progresses, things get more brutal. The temperature becomes unbearably cold, and the road more difficult to navigate. Dreams become more difficult to achieve as you chase after them.

Shadow people, spirits of people who failed to drive on the road successfully, gather around your car the closer you get to the eleventh mile. If you acknowledge them, or fail to pass through them, that’s the end of your journey. Just like in real life, people with failed dreams will want to bring you down with them. When you tell people in your life a dream you have, you’ll more often than not get laughed at, told it’s impossible, or brushed off. Don’t succumb to these negative people, who in their hearts once had dreams they couldn’t complete. Just move onward.

In the ritual, it is said you’ll drive past the most beautiful full moon you’ll ever be able to experience. If you look at it or its reflection, you’ll end up driving off the road and freezing in the lake. In real life, don’t get distracted by other things, no matter how spectacular, while pursuing your dream.

On the sixth mile, your radio, which I believe represents the subconscious mind, will turn on. No matter what, you can’t turn it off, and a voice will tell you in the most descriptive way your worst fears in life. If you listen to the voice, you will drive off road and fail to reach the eleventh mile. In real life, having negative thoughts in the back of your head is almost always inevitable. But, if you let your fears dictate your actions, especially while pursuing your dream, it will all be hopeless.

Now, on the final mile, your vehicle will stall, but will move onward into what seems like Hell. You will feel immense physical pain, and demon-like voices will bang like gongs in your head. Although, all of it is illusionary. If you keep your eyes closed through the final mile, you will end up with a destroyed car, but your dream will be there. I believe this part means the final steps in achieving your dream will be the most difficult to achieve. Whether it be financial burden, or sacrificing things, we all need to make changes to truly live. But, it will all be worth it in the end.

Sorry for the long read everyone, but, this is what I think.”

Do I Recommend Playing “The 11 Miles Challenge”?

I could never play it myself just for the sheer fact I don’t drive and I can’t see doing this alone, but I have plenty of desires (health for me & my family, wealth [I’d love to see how the other side lives for a change as well as help out less fortunate], A dog and the ability to run and play with it~) that I could see attempting this to achieve.  So while I can’t 100% recommend it (cause it is highly dangerous…and not just from demons or whatnot, if you can’t use your phone and your car breaks down or something you’re screwed) I also can’t say I’d blame you if you did.  As long as you’re brave, can ignore everything but the road, keep the car moving at all times and stay below 30mph you should be fine.

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