1st Impressions: Within

What is Within?:

Within is a 2011 horror/suspense movie with a run time of 1hr 29min. It doesn’t rely on jump scares and yet still manages to keep a creepiness about it that is both unsettling and plot twisty lol

The Storyline:

After Rachel witnesses the horrible murder of her mother, her father decides to up and move the two of them to a small quiet place. After a prank is pulled by Rachel s new “best friend”, Michelle, Rachel starts seeing “bad things” as she tries to warn others of this, they ride it off as “not real” and worse things come of it. Will she get anyone to believe her in time?

My 1st Impressions:

It would be terrifying if you try to put yourself in the place of poor little Rachel, and yet she is very mature for her age.

There’s a typical school setting, chock-full of the mean girl and pranksters.

The girl with the birthmark on her neck, Michelle, comes off as very irritating and “high and mighty”, she’s very full of herself and feels entitled to take whatever she wants.

There’s a lot of coincidences in this movie between Rachel s mom and her new teacher, Ms. Miller

My Rating:

I’d give it a 7/10, the acting is all around pretty good, it has a good story with a decent twist towards the end. It also has pretty sound life advice and messages if you listen carefully. I think it’s definitely worth at least one watch.

If you’re like me and have watched a ton of movies like this then there are a few things you’ll see coming a mile away having to do with Michelle but it’s still a fun movie to waste an hour and a half to 🙂

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