A Night At Midnight Run

A Night At Midnight Run

Welcome to Midnight Run, an old museum that has long since been condemned

Meet the teens that decide to spend Halloween night at Midnight Run….

Julia– A 5’6″ girl who is 16 weighs 105 pounds and has crimped brown hair down to her thighs. She is the one with the brains among the group. She is the leader of the group.

Roxxi– A 5’5″ girl who is 16 weighs 105 pounds and has spiked black hair that goes over one eye and has a white streak. She has her nose, eyebrow, lip, bellybutton, and ears pierced (ears are pierced eight times on both sides,) She also has a snake tattoo going up her right leg and a bleeding rose tattoo on the back of her right shoulder.

Bobbi– A 5’5″ boy who is 16 weighs 125 pounds and has short brown hair. Bobbi likes to think of himself as Julia’s boyfriend…and he works at a car shop fixing cars at his uncle’s auto lot.

Johnny– A 5’8″ boy who is 17 weighs 123 pounds and has short blondish brown hair. Johnny is Julia’s boyfriend and his parents are rich though he does not like to show it…he just wants to be normal.

Alice– A 5’5″ girl who is 16 weighs 110 pounds and has shoulder-length black hair. No one knows much about Alice cause she said she just moved to town Yet she seems to know a lot about it…

Okay and now for the story…

[At School on Halloween at 12:15 Lunchtime]

“Hey guys I just had a great idea on what we could do for Halloween since technically we are too old to Trick-or-Treat.” said Alice

“Oh really what?” asked Julia

“We could go to the old museum and see who can stay there the entire night” Alice replied

“You mean Midnight Run! We can’t go there!” yelled Julia in surprise

“Why not? It’s condemned who could find us? Just tell your parents you are staying at my house tonight and if you all do that then we are fine.” said Alice trying to convince them it was a good and cool idea.

“Well I think it would be fun… I mean come on Julia you know people do all kinds of weird things on Halloween people will be too busy to look for us.” said Johnny jumping in

“Well…what do you two think?” asked Julia looking at Roxxi and Bobbi

“Whatever~” answered Roxxi

“I think it would be slammin'” said Bobbi trying to sound cool

“Alright I guess I am outnumbered.” replied Julia with a weird feeling

“Great I’ll get everything set up and how about we all meet up at…Roxxi’s house say around eight?” said Alice

“Cool~” said Roxxi who never said much.


[At School on Halloween at 3:15 Waiting For Bus]

“Hey has anyone seen Alice since lunchtime?” asked Julia

“Not me and she should have had me in her next class.” said Bobbi

“I heard Alice tell the Principal she needed to go home to get ready for something she had to do tonight…” said Annie who was just another kid at school…after she left they continued to talk…

“You don’t think she told on us do you?” asked Julia to Johnny

“I doubt it I mean after all it was her idea.” said Johnny as they got on the bus…

[At Roxxi’s Home on Halloween at 8:05 Waiting for Alice]

Where is she…she said eight it is past eight!” said Bobbi getting pissed

“Chill out~” said Roxxi

“Why?…Why should I “chill out”?” said Bobbi sarcastically

“Cause she’s right behind you~” replied Roxxi pointing toward her

“Sorry I am late I did not think about the time it would take to get here…so are we all ready to go?” asked Alice mischievously

“yep” said Johnny

“yes” said Roxxi

Finally” said Bobbi

“We sure are” said Julia

“Okay then…let’s go.” said Alice slyly


[At Midnight Run Museum on Halloween at 10:00 Bored To Tears]

“We have been here for TWO HOURS! there is nothing remotely entertaining or horrid here…hey where is Alice?” said Bobbi

“I don’t know she was just here a minute ago…” said Julia

“Well why don’t we split up and go look for her?” said Johnny

“NO! that is the one mistake people always make in horror movies….splitting up.” said Julia

“Come one Julia, there is nothing in here and we are not in a horror movie besides this place is too big to cover together.” said Johnny and they all split up.

Julia went up to the second floor, Bobbi went into the basement, Johnny went into the door to the left of the entrance, and Roxxi went to the right of the entrance.


[At Midnight Run Museum Second Floor on Halloween at 11:00 Looking For Alice]

“I give up I have been walking for an hour there is not even many turns down this hallway…” says Julia as she slides down the wall to rest. She suddenly sees a big room and someone in it so she gets up and runs to the room where somehow everyone had met back up again.

“Johnny, thank God! I have been walking for an hour and found nothing.” she said hugging him

“Us too.” said Roxxi

They all sat down to rest awhile and see if by any chance Alice would find them.


[At Midnight Run Museum Second Floor Room on Halloween at 11:55 Finally Rested]

“Well I guess she is not going to find us lets go.” said Julia as everyone got up and continued down the hallway. The hallway finally turned and right around the corner was a door with a blinding light coming out from under it. Julia opened the door while she and the rest shielded their eyes… When the light finally receded there stood Alice and a BUNCH of other people dressed in the olden day clothes…


[At Midnight Run Museum Second Floor Main Room on Halloween at 12:00 midnight The Truth]

Alice was chanting something with her eyes closed…she was chanting this: “Halloven Samhain Midnooka Show R Tru Formseekas forlong chungnig allawisheseena Sacrifice soonda Roxe, Jony, Boby, seengas Jule~” Suddenly Roxxi, Johnny, and Bobbi fell dead to the floor, blood gushing from all over their bodies.

Julia screamed and started crying “What happened to them!?”

“Don’t you get it? I am a witch, I needed four sacrifices here at midnight on Halloween to bring back all my kinfolk. (said Alice with her arms out showing all the people behind her) But why didn’t you fall victim…you were supposed to be the fourth and final sacrifice but it didn’t work… Why didn’t it work!?” Alice yelled

Julia got up off of her knees and with hatred in her eyes which soon turned to piercing blackness she said “Maybe because my real name is not Julia…(Then she too started chanting) Oh mikylol seeva shynola crynought Halloven Samhain Midnooka Show R Tru Forseekas forlong chungnig allawisheseena finalao Sacrifice soonda tri maka kin siaka alis!” suddenly Alice went into the air and blood splattered everywhere then she fell to the floor and all the kinfolk ghosts became real and left the museum… Then she went over to Alice’s body and said…

“Don’t mess with Julianna Wicca for she is a full fledged witch…these are MY ancestors and you were to be that oh so important final sacrifice… I’ve waited so long for this moment to arrive…farewell Alissa Witchata…did you really think I wouldn’t know my own lifelong rival? Well you were wrong and apparently you did forget hahahahaha.” Said Julianna as she stood over Alissa with her arms stretched out and pointed toward the ceiling…soon her body absorbed all of Alissa’s powers making Julianna double as dangerous as she was.

The End

This story was written on November 12th, 2005 @ 11:40am off the top of my head so I realize it’s not very well put together and sounds hella cringy but I thought I’d post both my good and bad to the site, please let me know how you feel about the story but please be kind and remember it was popped off the top of my head at the time.

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