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Hello and welcome to Paranormal Purchase, a site where I try to find Haunted Dolls, Spirited items, Ghost communicators, and more for you to purchase. If you buy find something through my site and purchase it, and end up with a paranormal experience to tell I’d love to hear about it :).  If you’re not looking to buy anything, (maybe you just want more information, or something to kill time…well I have that too :)) You can click on “Buy Your Own” to be taken to the main Content Page of this site, there’s plenty find here and more will be added in time.



My Story,

Hi, my name’s Kristina and I don’t have much of a life. I have a horrible phobia of so many things that I’ve been housebound since 2009 (I believe I swapped places with myself from an alternate timeline). All my energy and hobbies since before a surgery in early 2009 are gone and recently I’ve found a new hobby. I have a new fascination with spirits/ghosts, demons/entities, and communicating with them.  You can read some of my own experiences here as well as learn why I feel the way I do.


Why do I wanna help you?

I’ve found both comfort and fun in collecting “paranormal” things, I have over 25 “haunted dolls” at the moment, lots of stones and jewelry with spirits/entities bound to them, and a lot of candles and incense to increase the atmosphere. I love it and I know there are other people out there like me who are looking for a companion spirit or conversation as well, and I am hoping to help with that.

(Me & Haunted Doll Tori)Me-and-Tori


The Goal of Paranormal Purchase


I believe in ghosts because I’ve seen them with my own eyes (my Grandma was 1st). I wanna make sure that anyone who believes in the afterlife has access to vessels with spirits bound to them or communication devices to speak to the other side.

I hope I’m able to help people find their “soul” babies or spirits to find their keepers.



All the best,

Kristina (aka DarkenedAuras, aka Wishatona)



(Me & Haunted Doll Andrew)

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Kristina – this is one of the most creative and totally creepy niches I have heard of thus far. I am so glad that you have found joy in these items. Sometimes I watch scary movies and totally freak myself out, not entirely sure that finding items that are haunted to keep in my home is the thing for me.
    I did recently read a story about a guy who was haunted by a doll – it was a twitter feed of a man. I wish I could remember the name! Ahh Adam Ellis his story on Dear David. Totally look it up.

  2. Hi Kristina. This is a very interesting site in a very positive way. I’ve long had an interest in the content you so well offer here and I too have a sight beyond the every day that most folks take for granted. I believe very much in spiritual healing too and practice often. People often believe what they want to see, Believe what I see, there’s a difference. It doesn’t matter what we call these “other” entities, we are all a part of the universal connection.
    Thank you also for the color advice you offered me via an earlier post. I took some of that and adapted slightly. Thank you, MoJo restored. Steve C

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