Review For: Art of The Root 8 oz. Candles

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5 out of 5 on smell

5 out of 5 on asthetic (They’re cute little jar candles with a lid and label telling the theme of the candle)

Pros:They smell good, and have minerals & essential oils mixed in and on top on the candle, this allows them to help relax you and ease your mind as you breathe in.

Cons:They are a bit on the pricier side (in my opinion) but as mentioned you ARE also getting minerals & oils in it as well, They have a wide collection to choose from.

Art of the Root 8 oz. Candles are great smelling, convenient little candles that have different minerals & essential oils infused into and on top of each candle dependent on what ails you or what you are seeking in life.

I actually own 4 of these candles and those 4 are:

Road Opener:

A Soy Spell Candle for New Opportunities, Beginnings & Removing Obstacles.

Money Drawing:

A Soy Spell Candle for Wealth, Financial Security, Prosperity & Abundance.


A Soy Spell Candle for Wishes, Blessings, Special Requests & Obtaining One’s Desires.

and Healing:

A Soy Spell Candle for Grief, Sadness, Stress & Emotional Turmoil.

I don’t burn candles very often (I tend to be worried around fire, especially when my candles never seem to wanna light lol), but I do burn them every now and then and I wanna say I truly believe they work for what they meant for.

For example, I lit the “Healing” candle when I had a massive migraine one night (I had taken medicine for it over a half hour prior and it had done nothing). Within I’d say maybe 5 minutes or so of lighting the candle and “deep breathing” next to it all the pain was gone.

Now you COULD say that the medication finally took effect but I’d like to think it was the healing properties of the candle 🙂


I would also say if you like candles but you’re afraid to get (or use) them because you have small kids or babies you’re afraid may touch the burning wax that has melted and not yet dried then these candles are a HUGE plus, because they have a screw on lid so after you’re done and you blow out the candle you can screw the lid on and not have to worry about anyone touching melting wax it’s a win-win.

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3 thoughts on “Art of The Root Candle Review- 8oz. With Herbs and Essential Oils

  1. I love candles, especially scented ones. The idea of a candle placed inside a screw on lid jar is great!! I’m always scared of knocking them over, and either place on a saucer or glass dish. I like the idea of essential oils infused in candles and think I’d chose the soy spell candle to help open up new beginnings, and remove obstacles. Thanks for sharing:)

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