Do you have a wish?  Some deep desire you think will never come true?  Love, Health, Fame, Fortune?  Well it’s said that if you can complete the 11 Mile Ritual then your wish will be granted.  If it’s something tangible it may be in the trunk, backseat, or even your pocket if small enough.  If […]

Ever wanted to play a deadly game of “Red Light, Green Light?”, Maybe you wanna be spooked before bed?, or Maybe you’re just a thrill seeker looking for a fun challenge… Whatever the case maybe Daruma-san (a.k.a. The Bath Game) is calling to you~ What You Need: This game MUST be played alone and all […]

Imagine sitting in your room being told a story about a cat and suddenly being scratched when there’s no real cat in your room. Can your mind really conjure up a phantom cat to scratch you, all from a mere story? Try Cat Scratch and see for yourself :). What You Need: 2 people (1 storyteller […]

Are you looking for a very easy game to play with no dangerous consequences?  Maybe you and your friends are bored and looking for something fun to do/try.  Give Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board a try, there are no consequences for failing and if it does work it’ll blow your mind. What […]