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Ever wanted to play a deadly game of “Red Light, Green Light?”, Maybe you wanna be spooked before bed?, or Maybe you’re just a thrill seeker looking for a fun challenge… Whatever the case maybe Daruma-san (a.k.a. The Bath Game) is calling to you~

What You Need:

This game MUST be played alone and all you need is a bathtub with a faucet & taps (sorry showers will not work, however a shower/tub combo is said to be an ok substitute for the old time bathtub.

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What is “Daruma-san?”

Daruma-san is a two part “game” setup known as a “deadly” Japanese version of the old children’s game, “Red Light, Green Light” in which the night before, the person playing “summons” Daruma-san for part one and the following day the actual game begins (which is part 2)

How To Play:

Pre-setup: I highly suggest that before you begin the ritual to “summon” so to speak, Daruma-san, you lay out some clothes or your sleepwear on your bed and make sure you have a towel in the bathroom or on your bed (as once you start the ritual you won’t be able to open your eyes until you’ve left the bathroom and you won’t be able to turn on the lights again that night.)

The Ritual:

  • Begin the ritual at night (Just before you go to bed).
  • Take off your clothes and enter the bathroom
  • Fill the tub with water and turn off the lights.
    • All other lights in the house should already be off and if you live with other people they should be told you are doing this and not to disturb the bathroom that night
  • Sit in the tub (facing the faucet), close your eyes, and begin washing your hair while repeating the following:
    • “Daruma-san fell down”, “Daruma-san fell down” (say this over and over until you’re done washing your hair
  • If you have done it right you should get a mental image of a Japanese woman standing in a bathtub, she will slip and fall, landing face first on a rusty tap and gouging out her right eye.
    • Should you hear any noises behind you, or feel any movements in the bathtub DO NOT TURN AROUND and DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES!
  • Ask aloud “Why did you fall in the bathtub?” and allow the question to linger for a bit.
  • Keeping your eyes closed carefully get up and step out of the bathtub (Don’t slip and fall like Daruma-san)
  • DO NOT DRAIN THE TUB! Just exit the bathroom and close the door (you can now open your eyes)
  • Leave everything as is (water in tub, door closed, don’t turn on lights) and go to sleep.
    Alex Robert
    • This is where the pre setup comes in handy as long as you can grab the towel you should be able to dry off without opening your eyes (or if you do need to see you should have enough light to see once you leave the bathroom to dry off and get dressed, without actually turning on a light.)

The Game:

  • The game will begin the moment you open your eyes the next morning.
  • Go about your day as any other, you’ll “feel” a constant presence behind you
    • You’ll likely see nothing if you quickly turn around, however, if you glance over your right shoulder you’ll sometimes get a glimpe of her [A woman with black tangled hair and one eye].
      • She will attempt to get closer to you as the day goes on.
  • If you spot her and feel like she’s “too close for comfort” shout “TOMARE!” (meaning “STOP!”) and run away (in order to put distance between the two of you.)

To End:

  • Capture her in your sight when looking over your shoulder
  • Shout “KITTA!” (meaning “I cut you loose!”) while swinging your arm down in a chopping motion.
    • If done correctly, congradulations you’ve just played & won the deadly version of “Red Light, Green Light”
    • If not done right then…RUN!





  • Daruma-san is said to be fond of water & darkness so it is advised you avoid these as much as possible during the actual game

    Marco De Waal

  • Only use the “TOMARE!” command when absolutely necessary as each use will stall her for less time.
  • You MUST perform the ending BEFORE midnight (otherwise you grant her access to your dreams)
      • Also note that ending the game is harder than it seems, as if she thinks you are about to end the game she may hide and you MUST have her in your sights when you shout “KITTA!




Why Play “Daruma-san”?

Honestly I have no clue why anyone would want to do this unless they were thrill seekers or just didn’t believe in any of it and wanted to prove to their friends they’re no chicken. I guess it makes for a bit of fun Youtube content but if it’s just you and you alone that would ever know you tried it then I have no idea why you would subject yourself to playing Duruma-san, too much potential danger (not only from Daruma-san but you could slip, fall, and hurt yourself trying to complete the ritual portion of this.) for no real reward.

Do I Recommend Playing “Daruma-san”?

NO, I see no real reason myself to play The Bath Game, it seems too hard to do the ritual correctly (especially if you live with other people or are like me and get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night or don’t go to sleep until the wee hours of the morning). Once the game starts I feel like I wouldn’t be able to go about a normal day (I hate the feeling of someone watching me and always have to look, feels like a nightmare of a day to me), and trying to end the game also sounds like a feat. I think I’ll stick to “Red Light, Green Light”

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