Did my Grandma Save MY Life on the Anniversary of Her Death?

I almost died and I think my dead Grandma saved me.

My Routine:

My Brother works at a Kroger store so most days he’ll bring home 3 salad kits (those Kroger Cobb Salad Kits for one with a fork, ham chunks, egg crumbles, and bacon bits) and 1 bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing (since I don’t care for and don’t feel like there’s enough in the tiny cups that come with the salads.)

I usually eat one salad within an hour of waking up and another between noon and 1 pm and most times I’ll eat the last one before bed or the next morning if he hadn’t brought any home the day prior. (So like what I mean by that is that he works normally 9-5 so if I ate one when I first woke up…he went to work and I ate the second one, if he brought home more I’d normally eat the third before bed but if he didn’t I’d save that third one until I woke up tomorrow.)

The Chain of Events:

May 16th 2020, somewhere around 2:30 or so in the morning I must have kicked a box of plastic forks off my bed. My brother had the carpeting removed from my bedroom and had tile installed as a gift to me while I was in rehab to relearn mobility after a 2-week stay ICC back in late 2016 (I believe) prior to that I was always complaining and scared to put my feet on the floor due to my fear of spiders and the fact you couldn’t see them very well on the carpet…they blended in too well and I had seen quite a few on my ceiling that ended up dropping onto the floor when someone went to kill them and missed… as you can imagine as a complete Arachnophobic person that didn’t bode well for me :(. This is why he had the tiles put down while I was out, so that if any spiders dropped or were in the floor I could pretty easily find them. Anyway the box of forks hit tile floor making a sound that scared me awake…

I saw a big fuzzy black spider crawling across the ceiling above my head and quickly hit my touch lamp by my bed to see nothing… I’m assuming this was just a remnant of the still being half asleep and half awake, it used to happen a lot. Even though I was 98% sure what I saw wasn’t really there it was enough to make me say “well not going back to sleep now…” so I got up to go to the bathroom (The 1st thing I do every morning as soon as I wake up…without fail)

As I opened the door to the bathroom (to come back to my room) I heard a woman’s voice say “Lauren~?” I don’t know who it was (I live with my brother, mom, and my mom’s boyfriend) but everyone was asleep and this WASN’T my mom’s voice. I also don’t know anyone named Lauren, My name is Kristina…my mom’s name is Linda. This voice said the name as if slowly walking down an echoed corridor in search of this person. Now I will say I have a lot of haunted dolls, again none named Lauren HOWEVER I did buy a bulk lot of 12 to help someone who just wanted them gone (They said they made a horrible mistake in buying them in a lot at an estate sale for a deceased woman who practiced witchcraft her whole life) I was really drawn to 1 and didn’t even look at the others, there was 8 of the 12 that were female and I don’t have names for them so maybe it’s possible who of them is Lauren? Or used to know a Lauren and is now looking for them?

At 3:07 am I decided to eat the last salad I had, I hate the hard lettuce so I usually eat that first to get it out of the way, my very first bite was a whitish hard piece that was kinda curved (seemed like a piece that had been close to the core or something) I thought I had broken it with my teeth but apparently it had just bent and when I went to swallow it, it popped back open pretty far back in my throat, completely covering the hole. I tried remaining calm cause I’ve heard if you panic it closes your throat up even more (which believe me it was damn near impossible to stay calm when you can’t get air~)

I couldn’t hack the piece back up or reach in and grab it because it was too far down (felt like it was right where you collarbone meets) and I couldn’t swallow (I even tried taking a drink of my Zevia Cola thinking it would help wash it on down…but it did nothing, the soda made it’s way around it around and went on down but the piece of lettuce remained stuck. I couldn’t make a sound or beat on the walls to try to wake anyone up… I honestly thought I was going to die~

Suddenly I felt a hand smack my back (between my shoulder blades) and the piece of lettuce flew out of my mouth and back in my hand, I was nearly in tears as I said “Whoever did that, Thank You” through gasping breaths.

The realization:

It didn’t dawn on me until later on, probably around Noon. That it was May 16th…the day my Grandma died…back in 1998. This marked the 22-year anniversary of her death AND it happened in the 3 am hour (the time it’s said that spirits are the most active.)

So it could’ve just been a major coincidence and maybe it was one of the spirits inhabiting one of my many haunted dolls, but there was a certain familiarity to the hand gripping my arm while the other smacked my back… I believe it was Ma (what I called my Grandma) even though I couldn’t see her.

I used to see her a lot after she died (I even saw her the day she died before we were notified) and there was even I time when she seemed to want me to take her hand (while underwater at the Healthpark) my mom grabbed me (pulling me up so I could take a breath) and asked what the hell I was doing reaching out and not coming up for air…

I haven’t seen Ma’s spirit/ghost/soul whatever it is since the day she went into what soon after became my Rabbit, Powder (I thought she had reincarnated into her) and I swear at some point I’ll tell THAT whole story, but at some point I no longer felt that same connection to Powder (the same connection I had with Ma) and suddenly became allergic to her, she suddenly just seemed like an ordinary rabbit (which is great I love rabbits, it just felt like…something left her)

Can a spirit possess a creature for a time (years) and then leave to become part of the spirit world again, giving the creature it’s normal life back?

Can you reincarnate into something already living with a soul and then at some point just become a spirit again and leave that soul wondering what happened and where it’s at now?

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