Don’t Go To Hollow Springs


It was time for a vacation and four couples were road-tripping to a place called Hollow Springs.  Hollow Springs was a tiny little village in Transylvania and very mysterious and not well known at all…the perfect place to spend the glorious months ahead right?….yeah right.

The eight teenagers between the ages of sixteen and eighteen thought that the best thing to do for summer vacation would be to go to a place where their enemies and family could not easily find them and just have a ball so let me introduce you to those teens right now…

Leon is the leader of the group, he is an eighteen year old who is 5’9″ weighs 125 pounds and has short brown hair.  His father is a policeman and his mother is a teacher.

Jill is Leon’s newlywed wife, she is almost eighteen and she is 5’6″ and weighs 110 pounds, she has brown hair that when down goes to her mid back but she always has it in a ponytail which brings it to shoulder length.  Her father is a judge and her mother is a housewife.

Billy is a sixteen year old punk who thinks he knows everything and thinks everyone else don’t know jack…he is 5’6″ and weighs 123 pounds, he has cold black greased hair and is the type to wear a bandanna and carry a comb in his back pocket.  His father is an alcoholic and his mother is a thief.

Claire is Billy’s sixteen year old girlfriend except she is just the opposite of him, she is nice and comforting, she is 5’3″ weighs 108 pounds and has strawberry blond crimped hair that flows down to her mid section.  Her father is a minister and her mother is a designer.

Jamie is a seventeen year old boy who is 5’8″ weighs 126 pounds and has short dirty blond hair, he is not the type to fight but will get his point across.  His father is a doctor and his mother is a nurse.

Jessie is Jamie’s girlfriend who is almost seventeen and is 5’6″ weighs 115 pounds and has long blond straight hair all the way down to her butt so she keeps it in a ponytail a lot but it still goes down to her lower back (she puts it in a ponytail to keep it out of her face.)  Her father is a corporate business man and her mother is a stay at home mom raising three other younger kids.

Sarah is a seventeen year old who is 5’8 and 1/2″ and weighs 113 pounds, she is into voodoo and tarot cards, piercings and tattoos.  She has long black hair and wears black nail polish, black lipstick with a blood red outline, black mascara, black toenail polish, and a totally Gothic black dress, she also has her bellybutton, lip, eyebrow, and nose pierced once, one ear is pierced five times and the other is pierced eight.  Her father is a lawyer and her mother is a counselor.

And finally there is Kimi, Kimi is Sarah’s seventeen year old lesbian girlfriend who is 5’6″ weighs 98 pounds , and is Anorexic.  She is a Chinese/Japanese girl who has “rainbow hair” which means that she has black hair with streaks of red, blue, purple, and green, all of which is short about shoulder length and she usually wears it in pigtails but not on this trip.  Her father is a Japanese chef and her mother is a Chinese herbalist/scientist.

Anyway these teens were on their way to what they thought would be the best summer vacation they had ever had, little did they know that was just the opposite…..

They all lived up in Rhode Island and they took their time getting to Hollow Springs but once they were there they all got a room (each couple got their own room) at the inn (called Devil’s Leave.)  Then they decided to check out the Origin of Hollow Springs at the library (called Wepindigo.)  Each person got a different book and Kimi got one called “The Mysterious Murders of Hollow Springs”, she told the rest to listen as she quoted from the book…”Many strange murders have taken place over the time of Samhain and during the few months before it.  No one can locate the killer or killers as we know they dwell in Hollow Springs.  These killers are so well prepared we may never find them or track them down, they could be anywhere at anytime, and they could well be anyone…All we know is that they leave a trail of bloody bodies strewn in their wake, so far over the last two years totalling a massive 108 dead and an extra 50 bodies so mutilated we have yet to identify them.”

The teens were really scared at this point and decided that sense Halloween was kind of close they did not want to stay there so they walked back to Devil’s Leave to get the van and go back home where at least they knew they were safe…but when they got there the van was gone….

They went back into the inn “Where is our van?” asked Jill “Oh well we had to tow it away cause it weren’t parked in a legal spot.  If ya’ll want yer van back yer gonna havinta pay…and Jimmy don’t never let his  tow aways go for very cheap.” said Brady (the innkeeper who is a bit of a hick as you can tell by the way he talks.)  “Well where is this Jimmy, and where can we find him?” asked Jill “Oh ya’ll can probly only find him when he’s at his shop but he probly won’t be back ther til bout ten tonight.” replied Brady  “WHAT! you don’t expect us to stay here with some crazy killers running around do you!?” yelled Jessie who was a bit of a priss (you know the type that never want to like I don’t ride a horse because it’s “dirty” “Aw shucks now where’d ya hear a story like that taint no killers round these parts…just me and Jimmy and an inn a car shop and a cemetery…that’s all.  taint no one been killed round here in ages…in fact the only person I know of that died round here is little Tina Martin…she used to live down the road aways and one night she went to that there cemetery all by her lonesome and when her parents found her the next morning she had been ripped to shreds by them there cemetery hounds.” said Brady “Cemetery hounds?” replied Sarah “Well yea um I mean used to be a lot of looters who’d dig up them there bodies after old gravedigger Watson buried em just to see whether they had any jewelry or whatnot…Watson finally got tired of haven to bury them a second time so he went down and bought himself two rabid wolf dogs and leaves em in the cemetery at night so ifin someone goes in there they don’t come back out.”  said Brady  “Whatever can you call Jimmy or something and get him back down here with our van?” said Jessie getting impatient.  “Phone round here hasn’t worked for years but ifin you want you could stay here just for tonight, Jimmy always comes over here in the morning everyday at eight A.M. sharp he’s done it that way for twenty years.” said Brady “Alright fine whatever just tell us when he gets here okay.” said Jill as they all went to their rooms…

Once everyone was settled in their respective rooms…

“I’m going to take a shower, this place really makes me feel I don’t know grungy or something.” said Kimi to Sarah “Alright I’m going to read my tarot cards about this place…it feels awful strange to me.” replied Sarah.  Kimi went in to take a shower and during it she heard Sarah scream “Sarah?” she said turning off the water…no answer “Sarah are you okay out there?” Kimi said listening for an answer but again there wasn’t one…finally Kimi stepped out of the shower and put the towel around her and started to open the door…but stopped when she looked down to see a pool of blood coming in under the door.  “OH MY GOD! SARAH!” Kimi screamed and tried to bust the door open but she couldn’t…the door would not open and she scooted up against the back of the tub, sat down, and started crying.

The rest however had heard the screams and burst through the door going into the room (which did open) “Oh My God What happened?” asked Claire looking around at all the blood nearly covering the room…Billy went over to the bed…”Hey yo guys! Check this out…” he said pointing to a bunch of tarot cards laid out on the bed in this order: DEATH, THE HANGING MAN, THE TOWER, THE LOVERS, THE NEWLY WEDS, and THE MAIDEN .

“Let me out of here!” screamed Kimi when she heard the voices of her friends…They looked over to the door and saw what was left of Sarah’s body blocking the door to the bathroom…”Oh now there is no way in hell I am touching that.” said Jessie…”Then we’ll cover her with a sheet or something and move her out of the way…” said Leon as he went back to his room and came back with the cover (There was blood covering Sarah and Kimi’s cover) Leon wrapped Sarah up in it and moved her away from the door.  Kimi rushed out and started freaking when she saw her worst fear in reality.

“Maybe we should call the police.” said Billy “There is no phone around here how can we call the police?” asked Jessie “Then I’ll be back I will go find one.” said Billy running out of the inn (not noticing Brady was gone)

After about an hour…

“Where is Billy I mean it has been an hour…maybe we ought to go look for him…” said Claire getting worried.  So they all left (Also not realizing that Brady was gone) and right outside the inn there was Billy…hanging in a tree in front of the inn…Claire screamed and fell to her knees and again Kimi started freaking out “WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE HERE!” Kimi screamed out.

“Listen why don’t we split up into three groups of two that way none of us are alone and we go looking for this damn Jimmy.” said Jill So they all split up, Jamie and Jessie, Leon and Jill, and Kimi and Claire and went off in different directions…

After walking for about a half an hour…

“I hope we find Jimmy soon I am getting tired and I need more time to grieve…I can’t go any farther I have to go to the bathroom.” said Claire going off into the woods (Which is where her and Kimi and ended up in their search) while she was gone someone came up behind Kimi and bashed her over the head knocking her unconscious and then drug her off.  “Okay I’m ready to go now Kimi….Kimi?…Kimi where’d you go?” said Claire when she got back.  Claire noticed the blood trail from Kimi’s bleeding head and the trail Kimi made with her body by being drug…and so Claire followed it all the way to a tower.  As Claire entered the tower she remembered the cards on Sarah’s bed…DEATH was Sarah, THE HANGING MAN was Billy, and now THE TOWER “is this Kimi…or me.” Claire thought but nonetheless she kept following the blood trail and finally made it up to the top where she saw Kimi still unconscious and tied to a contraption from the olden days known as the Wheel of Torture…and she went to untie her and stepped on a floor switch which set off a trap placed within the wheel making spikes come out of the middle and thrusting into Kimi automatically killing her.  “Bravo you managed to kill you own best friend…” said someone clapping from the shadows.  As they moved into the light all you hear from Claire is “…what the…”


“We have been all over this stinking town and have yet to find what or who we are looking for so why don’t we just give up and instead try to locate a phone…There has to be one SOMEWHERE in Hollow Springs.” said Jessie  “I hate to break it to you Jess but I’ve been keeping an eye out for a phone sense we left and I haven’t seen one…As much as I hate to admit it I think we are stuck here until Jimmy comes back in the morning…” said Jamie  “Well if that is really what you think then why don’t we go back to the inn and have a little fun…” said Jessie hinting that she wanted sex which was something Jamie had never been able to say no to no matter the situation.  So they went back to the inn… “Hey Brady my man we need a DO NOT DISTURB SIGN…hmmm wonder where he is…” said Jamie when he FINALLY noticed he wasn’t behind the desk…”Hmm oh well come on I’m sure we won’t get disturbed…” said Jamie to Jessie so they went back to their room to get busy…

Right after they finished Jamie went to take a shower and Jessie sat there in her bra and panties brushing her hair when suddenly Claire came in…”Oh hey Claire we couldn’t find Jimmy or the van so we came back here did you find one…” asked Jessie starting to get nervous as she noticed that Claire wasn’t saying a word yet she was inching her way closer…Suddenly Claire pulled up a serrated knife and plunged it into Jessie’s chest.  Jamie heard her gasping scream and rushed out of the bathroom “What’s wrong!?….Claire what are you doing?” but before he got his answer the guy from the tower blew a deadly blow dart into Jamie’s neck and within seconds he was on the ground dead.  “Nice now we have but two more to kill and then you too shall be my MAIDEN for eternity.” said the person (who had Claire under a trance.)  “I will not let you down…” she replied.


“I can’t believe the guy said Jimmy towed our van away…the lying sack of shit it’s right here.” said Leon  “Yeah but this is a junkyard does it even still work?” asked Jill “One way I know of to find out.” Said Leon as they both got in.  He started the van and to their surprise it worked and they went back to the inn and Jill hopped out to go see if the rest had showed up.  No one was there but she did find a note that Claire had wrote (after the guy had left his spell wore off long enough for her to write the letter), Jill took the note and went back out to the van and opened it to read the following:

To Jill or Leon,

I hope one of you find this before it is too late, Kimi is dead and so are Jessie and Jamie…the killer has me under their power so I don’t have much time to write before they find out so I will make this short….there is no Jimmy, Watson died not long after he got the hounds, and the innkeeper may look like the killer but he’s not. The real killer  that killed 158 people…is Tina Martin…Please leave me here I don’t want to put you in danger, just go…

Love, Claire

They sped away and contacted the police in the neighboring state and the mystery of Hollow Springs was solved.  Tina Martin had possessed old innkeeper Brady and through his body killed what used to be 158 people that has now changed to 163.  They removed and euthanized the rabid hounds and from that day fore ward Tina Martin never hurt another person because her spirit could now rest…


This story was originally written October 5th, 2005 @ 5:36am and played out like a movie in my head, therefor I know it doesn’t really “come off great” as a story~  I’m hoping to add pictures of the couples in leiu of their “profiles” in the future if my brother can create them for me.

What are your thoughts on this story?  I know it probably sounds corny and unrealistic at parts (I was told on Allpoetry, where I originally wrote it by many that I shouldn’t write ficticious things in real places if I’ve never been there cause people that live there or have been there will know it’s not real) buut I was born in Indiana and grew up in Kentucky and it’s the only places I have EVER been…sadly they’re both dull as dirt.


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