Hosley Set of 6 Black Iron Pillar Candle Holders Review

Review For: Hosley Set of 6 Black Iron Pillar Candle Holders

Where To Buy: Amazon.com

My Ratings:

5 out of 5 on size:

They are big enough to hold nearly any flat bottom candle and be able to catch the wax.

5 out of 5 on asthetic:

They are cute little slightly indented disks that are held up off the surface by 3 small round balls


The 3 small balls will hold the candle holder up to keep the surface from getting to hot, melting, or burning. You get 6 of them so if you have multiple candles you can place them in different places. You can also use them to hold crystals if you’d like.


They are made of metal so they can get really hot, if you’ve had a candle burning on it for a long time (half hour or more) then I wouldn’t touch the bottom if picking it up.

Do I Recommend these?:

I do have set of 6 of these myself, I do have to say I used them a lot when I first got them and now I just don’t really have room in my bedroom for all my candles so they’re in a box in the closet.  However if we can ever decide what to do with my bed (which takes up most of my room) so that I can put my candles out again I will definitely be getting them back out and more than likely buying more sets 🙂

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