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Marissa is the very 1st Haunted Doll I ever bought, at that point I wasn’t really sure if “Haunted Dolls” were real or rather to trust a seller on Ebay but I quickly found out they ARE real, you just have to be careful with who you buy from.  Above is a picture of me holding her right out of the package.

How Did I Find Marissa?


I was just scrolling through “Haunted Dolls” on Ebay, out of boredom, At first her big blue eyes caught my eye and I quickly clicked on her, I then noticed she was from Lancaster, PA and I thought it was funny cause I LIVE on Lancaster Avenue. I found myself going back to her page multiple times throughout the day (Almost as if she were beckoning me to buy her).

It was September 30th, 2018 and I was on Disability, getting $771.00 a month (on the 1st) but I had just a bit more than she costed (which was $49.99) left before getting paid again, this is extremely rare for me and I felt it was “fate” and purchased her. I got her on October 4th and she quickly proved her existence.

What Is Her Vessel?


Marissa’s vessel is an Antique, Vintage Amish Doll, that stands about 7 and a half inches tall. She wears a blue dress with a black shawl & hood, black slippers and a white bow.


I got her on October 4th and hadn’t really planned a place to put her yet, so I had laid her on my IPad that I had on the edge of my desk. I noticed my IPad turning on out of nowhere and for no reason (I attempted to stand her up on my IPad that was flat on my desk and she would “glide” to the edge and stop and turn to the side upon reaching the edge so she didn’t fall off.), I have to say this is NOT the type of doll that could stand up by herself normally. On October 7th, my mom and I were “testing her out” on a small table and she kept quickly shifting to face my closet, I got a lot of footage (over an hour in total) on my IPad and on October 17th I transferred the raw files from my IPad to my computer, put them together in one file with Windows Movie Maker, saved it for Youtube, and uploaded it there 100% uncut.

You can watch “Testing Out My Haunted Doll I Bought On Ebay” to see for yourself, I was also ecstatic when a fellow Youtuber: Chills Featured part of my video in his video, “12 Cursed Objects Purchased By Youtubers” on January 21, 2019.


Also I have these two pictures taken with the same minute (7:01 pm on 11/24/18), as you can see Marissa looks like she’s sleeping peacefully in the 1st and ready to run off in the second.


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