{This tale of terror takes place in the apartment of a man named Jake.}

It is 10:30 p.m. in Westburry Court. A man named Jake is tossing and turning, afraid to turn off the light, and not able to sleep with it on. You see Jake has a problem…every time he goes to sleep he has a nightmare about someone trying to kill him in his apartment, and he can’t get out the door or windows. Tonight is different though Jake has been through a lot and figures he might as well turn off the light and try to sleep… dream or no dream cause he has a big day tomorrow, so he shuts off the light and goes to sleep almost instant.

It is 10:50 p.m. in Westburry Court. Jake is going through his apartment like he always does in his nightmare and that is what he thinks it is, his nightmare…little does he know he is wide awake. He had gotten up for a glass of water and being as there wasn’t anything unusual about the apartment he finally figured he was awake. Suddenly the phone rings scaring him half to death, he picks it up and says “Hello?” then a woman on the other end says “Jake, I tried knocking on your door about ten minutes ago why didn’t you answer?” Jake replied “I’m sorry Jessie, I was trying to sleep and I guess I dozed off and didn’t hear you knock. Where are you now?” Jessie answered “I’m down here at the front desk.” “Stay there I’ll be right down.” Jake said as he hung up. Jake got dressed and was getting ready to leave when he found that he couldn’t get his door open…he tried the windows and again could not get them open. He ran to call the front desk to ask for help and to tell Jessie to wait but now the phone was dead.

It is 11:10 p.m. in Westburry Court. Jake had spent time trying to find something in the kitchen or bedroom to break his door down with when he finally thought maybe he could find something in the bathroom so he went into the bathroom and saw a huge portal like thing in his wall. Jake is and always has been a curious man so he had to jump through the portal…

It is 12:00 midnight in Nightmare. Jake had plummeted to the ground and he was now in a place where darkness was an understatement of what night was. It looked like he was in some sort of old train station corridor and as he walked down the eerily dark and utterly quiet passageway he felt like he was being watched. Suddenly he saw an evil looking beast at the end of the corridor just staring at him and snarling (It was some sort of demon dog that was pure black with piercing red eyes, a long cat like body, a tail that seemed to be able to wrap around three times, and extremely long devastating claws that could easily rip you open and have your guts and intestines laying on the floor in one swipe.)

It is 11:15 p.m. in Westburry Court. Jessie is wondering what is taking Jake so damn long “Excuse me Adam (the janitor), could you let me into Jake’s apartment please? He told me he’d be right down but that was twenty-five minutes ago, I have to know what is going on here.” she said to the janitor. (Jessie is the type of girl that does not give up easily, she is a cop and always carries a gun in her purse, she is slender and tall with brown hair.) The janitor let her into his apartment but the door closed behind her and even the janitor’s key wouldn’t open it back. Jessie went through the house calling for Jake but no answer, she looked everywhere but no Jake and then she went into the bathroom…the portal was still there and she went through.

It is 12:00 midnight in Nightmare. Jessie found herself in the same place that Jake started out at, like him she walked slowly down the corridor and also like him found the snarling beast at the end of the walk, but unlike him she pulled out her gun and shot it. To her surprise it was a pinata beast and when she shot it and it exploded it sent out a bunch of creatures into the darkness. Jessie was scared now cause she had no idea where they had gone and they looked like miniature versions of the pinata.

It is 11:30 p.m. in Westburry Court. The janitor has called the owner Ben about the problem and he is now there. “So what exactly is the problem here?” asked Ben “I take lady to apartment #105, let her in, then door shut, I still on this side but now key no work on apartment.” answered Adam (Who was just learning English…he moved there recently from Mexico.) “Okay give me the key.” said Ben as he tried it on the door… “You are right it don’t work hm mm strange, these are all brand new keys, what could be the problem…. I’m going to call the locksmith.” Ben continued.

It is 12:00 midnight in Nightmare. Jessie and Jake have met up after Jake almost got shot by her. They have noticed they cannot get back the way they came because the portal is gone, so they have been walking for a while with no sense of time (In case you haven’t noticed it is always midnight in Nightmare.) Finally, they find some old trains and they walk through them trying to find one that may actually still run, but that don’t last long because the first one they step into makes them realize something is there because in the train is a man’s body but his severed head is nowhere to be found, he is covered in maggots and has an overpowering stench. Jake and Jessie scattered out of the train and head for a trashcan so Jessie can vomit. Suddenly they hear a “Crawllll” like a tiger in a cage and they spin around to see one of the beast that looked like the pinata, and beside it is another one holding that man’s head in its long bloody teeth. Jessie screamed and ran for her life but the creature (without the head in its mouth) took one lunge and cleared the room, landing directly on top of Jessie. Jake stood perfectly still realizing that they could not see what does not move and he thought that the claws of the beast would have killed her instantly, but when they left Jake heard this coming from the mangled body “Jake…” Jake went over to Jessie (Or what was left of her I mean her back was gone and all that remained of her from the neck down was a pool of blood and claw marks on the bones, there were puncture marks in her lungs, completely severed ribs, and totally shattered and dislocated bones.) He took her gun from her purse, stood up, and with a tear in his eye got ready to shoot her…”…I can’t do this~” he said partly to himself and partly to her. “….ki.ll…” Jessie stuttered out. “I can’t I can’t don’t you see!!! Why did you have to come here anyway why?!” he yelled out and walked away (so that he did not have to watch her die.)

It is 11:50 p.m. in Westburry Court. “Well the locksmith should be here any time now… I just can not seem to understand why Runeburg (Jake’s last name) won’t open the door from his side….it seems awful suspicious.” said Ben “I no know I try call him from desk phone he no answer either.” said Adam “I just wonder what is going on in that room?” said Ben thinking to himself.

It is 12:00 midnight in Nightmare. Jake had been chased back to the room where Jessie died by a different type of monster (It was huge, green, had four almost two foot long razor sharp teeth, and had about twenty eyes, but it seemed to only patrol one particular hallway, the only one leading out of that room.) Once he was back in that room the monster went back down the hallway it had come from. Jake then noticed something strange happening to Jessie (Or at least her body.) She rose to her feet, that were floating above the floor, her skin turned to a pale white color right in front of him, and her hair turned black, went down almost to her feet, and completely covered one eye. The other eye (Also pure black) she used to look Jake straight in the eye and say “You let me die? (in Jessie’s voice) Now I’m going to make you die! (In another deep evil voice)” She glided toward him very quickly with her hands out ready to grab him.

It is 12:00 midnight in Westburry Court. The locksmith has gotten there and as he unlocks the door the portal opens and throws both Jake and “Evil” Jessie through. However, when Ben and Adam come in Jessie looks the way she did when she died. “What the hell! Runeburg what have you done to this poor girl?!” yelled Ben as him and Adam pull Jake downstairs and call the police. As soon as they are all gone the dead Jessie turns back into the “Evil” Jessie and smiles (Cause she is now in the real world where she can do major damage)

[What this story did was Jake was in the Nightmare until it was midnight in both places then there is a glitch in time when the portal comes back

except this time it sucked Jake (and Jessie) through instead of them having to jump through]


This story was originally written September 15th, 2005 @ 4:37am and was highly inspired by the PS2 game Silent Hill 4: The Room

Please reply and let me know your thoughts and opinions on this story, Was it awesome?  Did it suck?  Was it confusing? Could you SEE it?  Leave a comment below 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. I really liked reading your piece.  It is well written and I found it quite scary actually – especially the part where Jessie shoots the beast, only for it to replicate into smaller little piñatas!

    i could picture everything in my head while reading your story.  

    Please do continue with your writing ventures, and I will certainly be back for more!`

    Kindest regards,


    1. Thank You 😀 I was wondering if people who read it would be able to see it come to life like I did when I wrote it.  I had my brother order a graphic art tablet and was thinking about asking him to try to create pictures to go with it.  Do you think that would be a good idea?

  2. Hello. For me this story was amazing. Without reading at the end that this story inspired the Silent hill game -The room, i already was thinking about this game. It was my favorite childhood game. You have to get into the character’s skin because at one point everything becomes very confusing and very scary. 

    Personally, I love survival horror games, and this is why i love this kind of stories. I recommend reading with the light off.

    Thanks a lot and hope to see more stories like this. Do you have a Annabelle version too ? 

    1. Thanks 😀 I’m also a huge fan of horror and while I love horror games I can’t play them myself (I love watching others play them but I’m the kind of person who when terrified or under a time constraint [like on nearly every Resident Evil ending] will completely freeze and my mind will blank.  I’ll be like “OMG where do I go?  How do I get there? What do I do?!” Granted this for some reason is only if it’s single player.  I play games all the time with my brother and have no problems playing co-op with him, (we’ve played Resident Evil 5 & 6, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, Killing Floor, games like those) I’m actually all about co-op horror games lol

      I don’t think I have an “Annabelle” version (I’ll have to check as I move my stories and poems over to my site from AllPoetry) as I noted in the story I actually wrote it all the way back in 2005 and am just moving it (along with my other stories and poems slowly) from my Allpoetry page.

  3. I love the overall theme and spookiness of this site! I have always loved watching scary movies and these articles give off a good Stephen King kind of vibe. The content is rich and filled with great content that keeps the reader on their seat. I personally think this is a great idea for a site and can really bring the age of creating good scary stories. Awesome content! 

    1. Thank you 🙂 When I first started at WealthyAffiliate and they wanted me to create a “niche” I was like…”ok well I like Music, Gaming, and Paranormal”, I figured Music and KNEW Gaming would likely be too competitive so I thought Paranormal it is and I’ve since learned that you can do quite a bit with the theme.

  4. This post is fabulous! It is like reading Edgar Allan Poe and Lovecraft at the same time! It is said that nightmares are dreams that remained unsuccessful. It is also said that adults are not supposed to have nightmares. I don’t believe this for a second. Like Jung, I believe our dreams deliver a message. I recommend you take a look at Connie Willis books. Cheers!

    1. Thank you (I’ve never heard the saying adults are not supposed to have nightmares but whoever said that is nuts, I’ve had nightmares quite alot as an adult…could be because my mind is still childlike but that’s beside the point lol)

      There’s one nightmare I had like 3 nights in a row that happened the exact same way each night, and I remember a horrifying nightmare I had over the course of like…4 nights I believe that picked up where they left off after I woke up, it was horrifying and I thought I finally stopped having it until months later (while I was in rehab, learning to use my hands again and walk after having spent 2 weeks in ICC) I had ANOTHER nightmare about it again picking up where it left off months prior :/

      I may include that one as a story on the site at some point.

  5. Wow, this is a very good story with so much here to enjoy. I liked the fact that I was so glued to this the whole time that I was reading it. I will really like to get that game. I am a big fan of horror stories, movies and games. I will like to try the game. I cannot believe that the story has been written that long ago. That is very good stuff. Keep up the good work.

  6. Beautiful story. Although I am not so good with stories that are laced with elements of horror and all the rest, I was really intrigued with the suspense here of how he had entered the portal and she went with him. I feel like the janitor did not react fast enough though. This is very nice. Great work here.

  7. Hello,
    wow, it’s not common, this scenario is worthy of a real horror movie just by reading the thrill you go through the backbone. I am the father of a 12 year old boy who is a fan of everything that touches the horror both cartoons and movies and I worry about his sanity and wonder if it’s not bad for him? me cons I like to watch from time to time a good horror movie retro and it’s a good discovery your scenario Iiagine what it can give in visual.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m sure your son will be fine as long as he’s not showing signs of not knowing the difference between reality and fiction, sometimes being fascinated with horror is a good thing maybe he’ll grow up to produce or direct his own horror films (or star in them), if it ever happens let me know I’ll be sure to check it out 🙂 

  8. Nightmares are scary, but this is worse than anything I’ve dreamed so far. Being midnight in both places and coming back from sleep at that exact same moment is a  rather interesting concept. Did you pick up that idea from the Silent hill 4 the room game? Nice storytelling. I have learnt a couple of things from your style.

    1. I picked up inspiration for the “bathroom portal”, scary creatures, and being trapped in the apartment while people outside go about normal lives from the game, the “time” concept came to me when I started thinking about the Bermuda Triangle and how they say a few moments in their could be years in real time outside of it.

  9. The idea of the portal in the bathroom was scary. But having evil Jessie out of the nightmare and in real life is even more frightening. She instantly puts Jake into great trouble. This story is troubling but the ending leaves us thinking how worse it could get. I’ve liked several ideas embraced in this story. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This was really an interesting read for me. Lovers of horror stories and all would kill tohave a story like this. I just cannot say enough how well detailed this was for me to read on. Thanks so much for sharing this and I will actually say that I was a bit terrified when the beast was shot and it became smaller pieces. I will surely be back for more.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I wrote it back in 2005 and back then my mind was always wrapped up in horror and “creatures”, I could see them in my mind really well.  Rereading this in order to post it on my site I could still see most of what I saw when writing it (so that’s a big plus 🙂 it means maybe I can actually make scary stories again if I put my mind into it full force)

  11. I almost got a scare while reading though this because it has been long since the last time I read something like this. Though not easy but then, it was worth the reading a lot and I really appreciate every bit of this. I would like to really experience the horror again by reading another one of yours in the dark. It was really sensational experience. I felt it was happening to me.

    1. oh eerie, I do plan on putting my other stories from long ago up soon and if I can muster up the imagination I had back then possibly add new scary stories but I’ll have to wait and see on that one, I haven’t really written any stories for quite a few years but I did used to really enjoy it and I’m finding myself really wanting to return to doing so 🙂  Ever since I started my site up so I guess I have WealthyAffiliate to thank for that :D.

  12. There was nothing normal about this story and surely a well worthy of a read. I really like the addition of twists to it to give it that surely over the board feeling of reading an horror story. It was catchy, detailed in attention and details and I really like it  alot. I would love to actually read this again and also share with my wife. she loves reading about horror stories and survival too.

    1. Thank you I’m really glad you liked it, hope your wife does too.  If you’d like you can check back periodically as I plan on posting more of my older stories on the site soon 🙂

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