Ouija Boards Are For Kids…Right?

When it comes to the Ouija (we-jah) Board, there are alot of misconceptions, theories, and skepticism.  We’ll go over them here, below are many things said about the Ouija Board and how I see it.

Ouija Boards are just for kids…right?

Seriously have you EVER seen a kid playing with one of these?  Although it was marketed in May of 1890 as a family “game”, I, to this day have never seen a kid use one of these, and those that do will usually be found later on in the news or on a forum or reddit post talking about all this weird and scary stuff that happened after they used it.

Ouija Boards are fake…YOU moved it!

There are many theories about how Ouija Borads work.  Skeptics will often times call out someone for “moving” the planchette, scientists call it the “ideamotor effect”, wherein you’re body makes movements unconsiously, but many believers in the paranormal (myself included) believe the ghosts/spirits “use” your body as a vessel in order to move the planchette, which is why one of the rules is to “not remove your hand from the planchette” while you’re in a session.

So I gotta go buy it from the toy aisle, but it’s not for kids?

Not at all, anything can become a “Ouija Board” as long as it has all the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0-9, and the words Yes, No, Hello, and Goodbye (<-very important) and you have the equivilant of a “planchette” which is basically a reflective or see-through surface.

Most people who make their own also state there should be a Sun symbol next to “YES” and a Moon symbol next to “NO”

It can be a big piece of paper and a shot glass if you want.  (Although people say wood works better as folding or tearing the paper may actually deter the ghosts from using it to talk with you.)

In Japan they play what is called “Kokkuri-san” wherein they take a paper and make what is called a “Torii” in red ink (A torii is a traditional Japanese gate), on either side of the Torii they write Yes & No, three rows of the alphabet (A to Z), and on the bottom the row of numbers (0-9).

A window is opened (in order for the kokkuri-san to enter and leave) and they place a coin on the red torii and everyone playing puts their fingertip on the coin.

They’ll begin by saying “Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, if you are here please move this coin”

To end they say “Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, please return home” The coin should go to “YES” and come to rest on the torii

Once done, destroy the paper by tearing it up or burning it and the coin must be spent before the end of the next day.



So how do I use a Ouija Board…what are the rules?

1st and foremost you should NEVER use a Ouija Board alone (whether you believe in ghosts or not they do take advantage of vulnerabilites and you’re most vurnerable when you’re by yourself, they can sense this and possesion is more likely.)

Anyone who is nervous, tired, or sick should also NOT play the Ouija Board, you may end up with a demon

You should begin with 2 or more people by each person placing a finger on the planchette (your finger should not be removed until you have ended the session.

Some say before you begin asking any questions you move the planchette in a smal circle on the board (one circle for each person playing plus one more for the spirit)

Your 1st question should be something along the lines of “Are there any spirits here, who would like to talk to us?” and then give some time for a spirit to come and answer.

NEVER ask a spirit to prove it’s real (by affecting something in the pysical realm), this is more or less “inviting” it into your home/world and doing so can have adverse consequences.

NEVER ask a Ouija Board when you are going to die

A lot of people say not to play a Ouija Board in your home, cause if a connection is made it’ll be harder to get rid of (This one I ignore…I have haunted dolls & jewelry all over my room…what’s one more spirit)

It’s best if one person is the “guide” or rather the person who asks the questions (though this isn’t set in stone)

You should not joke or ask “is it working” as this emits “negative” energy, if you have one person asking questions all others should keep their fingers on the planchette, eyes closed, and focus their energy on the planchette.

(You may want to have an onlooker who is taking notes, writing down the letter as the planchette stops on them so you have something besides your memory to look back at once the planchette stops moving.)

NEVER leave the planchette on the board (the planchette is like the gateway between our pysical realm and the spiritual realm, leaving it unattended on the board will allow any spirits who wander by to escape into our realm.

Don’t use the Ouija Board in a cemetary, there’s too many spirits here and too many will try to communicate at once.

NEVER burn a Ouija Board, I know you’ve probably heard that if you’re having problems with a Ouija Board just burn it…DON’T DO THAT, it’ll cause more harm as you’re basically setting the malevelance free.

If you’re having trouble with a Ouija Board try storing the board and planchette in different places.

If that doesn’t work and you really NEED to get rid of the Ouija Board, dispose of it by doing the following:

Break the board into 7 pieces, Pour Holy Water over it, and bury it (preferably on hallowed ground)

and lastly ALWAYS end the session by saying Goodbye and moving the planchette to “goodbye”

How do I know when to “end” a session early?

If the spirit starts communicating by quickly moving the planchette through all the letters or numbers

If the planchette starts making “figure 8s” or the “infinity symbol”

If you start to feel you’re talking to a “malevelant spirit”

If you talk to a spirit who identifies themself as “Zozo” (if they take hold of the board you may find the planchette speeding back and forth between Z-O-Z-O like crazy.

These are all signs of malevelant spirits and you should immediately end the session (always remember to end the session by saying Goodbye out loud and taking the planchette to “goodbye”

(in some case if the spirit don’t want to quit you may have to force the planchette to Goodbye)

So does it really work, should I avoid it?

This is where you’re going to get differing answers so I’ll just give you my opinion:

As long as you are careful, play it with someone else, follow the rules, know when to end the session, and of course actually DO end the session I don’t see the problem playing with a Ouija Board.

I believe in the Ouija Board because I’ve used one, with my mom and we got answers to what I believe maybe a missing persons case, though I don’t have enough to go on to really turn it into authorities (I wouldn’t even know how to go about that and not make myself look insane to police~).

Read Lonnie’s Story below for the whole story on this.

Lonnie’s Story

My mom had found an old Ouija Board at the side of the road (left for trash pickup), she asked the owners of the house it was on the curb of if she could have it because her daughter (me) was really into these type of things, and they replied, “Sure, we just want it gone, strange things have been happening since we got it.”


My mom brought it home and we set it on my bed and tried it out, we got nothing and it was kind of uncomrfortable and unstable on my bed so my mom went and got a small foldout table (kind of like something you’d eat a frozen meal on in front of the TV.) she had gotten I believe from a yard sale.

We sat the Ouija Board on the table and tried again, “Are there any spirits here that want to talk to us?” I asked, within a minute the table rocked (one leg was slightly higher than the others so it wasn’t real stable either) and the planchette slowly went to “Yes” to both of our amazement.

I was excited and asked “What’s your name?” even though that could’ve been bad.  The planchette spelled out:


This is why I don’t believe it’s our subconcious mind or what we want the answer to be… I don’t know anybody named Lonnie spelled that way or any other, that name has never crossed my mind in the slightest.

I asked more questions and found out the following:

Apparently Lonnie was a Lumberjack, his best friend, Seoul (I can’t quite remember if that was his name but it was something like that) killed him and buried him under an old logging camp & police never found his body.

At this point my mom was getting tired and we said Goodbye, the planchette quickly went to “NO” and my mom said “We need to go to bed we can talk to you again tomorrow ok?” and the planchette went slowly to the “YES” and again we said “Goodbye” and with a little work we got the planchette moved to the Goodbye.

We didn’t talk to him again the next day (My mom went out dancing and I didn’t want to do it alone), it wasn’t until the following week that we tried again to talk to Lonnie, we again tried it on my bed and got nothing, my gut told me to try on the table again, so my mom went back and brought the table back from from the living room to my bedroom and we put the Ouija Board back on the table.

“Lonnie are you there?” I asked, the table shook back and forth 3 times (pretty violently)

“I’m sorry we didn’t come back the next day, Lonnie but we’re here now if you still want to talk to us” my mom said, the table shook back and forth once more slowly and the planchette moved to “YES”

It was at this point I wondered why he only came through when the board was on the table and I asked, “Why didn’t you answer before and he spelled out


“Bound?, do you mean that you’re bound to this table?” I asked kind of already having that feeling.  The planchette came to rest on “YES”

I asked, “Where are you from?” and that’s when it got creepy, the planchette spelled out:


A chill ran down my spine as that had nothing to do with my question, I asked “Help you how?”

The planchette went on to spell out:


I asked “What state did you live in before Seoul killed you?” The planchette started to head toward the upper left letters when it came to a sudden stop (we could both feel an “energy” under our fingers, it felt like the planchette was trying to be pushed in both directions at the same time, I felt like at any moment the planchette would fly straight up in the air).

Suddenly it went to N-O (it spelled it out instead of just going up to the “NO”) it really felt like two spirits were fighting over the planchette.

At this point I had to scratch my ear and without thinking I took my hand off the planchette, it went flying at top speed across the board, taking my moms hand with it, it wrecked off the corner of the board (something said to be a bad thing :().

My moms jaw was dropped and she burst into tears suddenly (for no reason to me), she said she felt like he tried to pull her with him…and we said Goodbye and put the board away for quite a while.

When I got my 1st “Haunted Doll”, Marissa we decided to do a Ouija Board session to see if we could communicate with her, Click Here to see us once again contact Lonnie while trying to talk to Marissa (We start the session at the 27:53 mark) and yes we take our hands off the planchette quite a bit (I don’t suggest you do this, it could’ve been very dangerous) and we did close the session AFTER I stopped recording.

I went back and looked at the recording to see Lonnie said his logging camp was in:


However I don’t know if that’s the name of a Logging Camp, a City, A County or what, My mind immediately goes to  “Rhinestone Texas” but I have no clue why, I don’t know if it’s even a place in Texas… It’d be nice if anyone could maybe help me out with this one.

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7 thoughts on “Ouija Boards Are For Kids…Right?

  1. Hey thank you for the awesome post!  I like this post, as it deals with a subject that I deal with on my own website, and that is the occult and different aspects of it.  I am one in the camp that is skeptical of the Ouija board, but I understand why people believe in them.  In fact, I believe that the spirit world resides within our Collective Unconscious, so when we do any rituals, be it those that involve ouija boards, or like what I do, ritualistic magick, we can call upon those spirits.

  2. I remembered when I was a kid I played ouija board with my friends a few times. Of course it is not a legit board game like that, we hand wrote everything and use our parents shot glass to move. Yes! someone always move it and do not admit it lol fun times. Also, in the game of truth or dare we also play bloody Mary as well. Oh boy, we really did have nothing better to play back then huh? lol 

    I have no idea that you can find it in the toy side. I thought you have to buy them at those magic shops. Omg the story of Lonnie’s is scary. I am glad my friends and I never experienced anything like that. Cannot wait to read what will happen next.  

    1. I remember playing Bloody Mary a long time ago with my best friend at the time…we had a terrifying experience with that and to this day I can’t go to the bathroom without the light on.  I am really hoping to find out about Lonnie, it’d be awesome if I could locate the Logging Camp or find out anything about him or Seoul in a newspaper or something.

  3. Wow this is nice I really like this article as it would be of great help to the public as it has been of great help to me I have followed the up some this stuff for some time especially the Ouija Boards because I go them for my cousin some weeks ago and from my observation that have really enjoyed it.thanks alot I would advise everyone and anyone to get it.

  4. Wow, this post had me hooked from beginning to end. I don’t think I would ever be brave enough to try an Ouija Board, and I think you are very brave.

    It sounds like Lonnie is really tormented and it makes me wonder if all spirits that have unsolved cases like his have not been able to rest peacefully. Well done on trying to help, but I think it could potentially be very dangerous.

    I definitely wouldn’t let my kids play with an Ouija Board, as for one they are not mature enough to handle it yet, and I think possession would be far easier with a child.

  5. Hey there, 

    Very interesting post! If it is marketed as a family “game” and found in the kids’ toys section, I wonder what the “game rules” that would come with it are? Surely Hasbro doesn’t give warnings like these and such? I’m curious now! ^^

    Who is Zozo? 0_o

    Also you mentioned Reddit, perhaps the subreddit /unresolvedmysteries could help with the Lonnie mystery 🙂

    Thanks for the cool post!

    1. Zozo is said to be the Ouija Board Demon, some say he’s also known as Pazuzu 

      Which you’d probably recognize that name from the movie The Excorcist

      Thanks for mentioning the subreddit, I’ll check it out and see if anyone would know. 🙂

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