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Imagine sitting in your room being told a story about a cat and suddenly being scratched when there’s no real cat in your room. Can your mind really conjure up a phantom cat to scratch you, all from a mere story? Try Cat Scratch and see for yourself :).

What You Need:

2 people (1 storyteller and the *victim*, in other words the person to be “cat scratched”.) other people can be present but should remain quiet as the story’s told.

What is “Cat Scratch?”

Hannah Troupe

Cat Scratch is a game wherein a person rubs the temples of another person while reciting one of two stories (if one doesn’t work you can always try the other.), If the story works the person should have light red cat scratches on their back afterward.

How to Play:

  1. One person (known as the victim) lies on their back (eyes closed) with their head in the lap of the “storyteller”

  2. The storyteller slowly rubs the temples of the “victim” while reciting 1 of 2 different short stories (if one don’t work try the other one.)

  3. Once the story is done the “victim” sits up and lifts their shirt (if it worked light red cat scratches should be on their back.)

Story 1:

There once was an old lady who owned a cat

The cat was very nice

It meowed and purred

One day the cat got hit by a car and died

Cat Scratch, Cat Scratch, Cat Scratch.

The old lady got a new cat

The cat was very mean

It hissed and clawed

Cat Scratch, Cat Scratch, Cat Scratch

One day the cat got hit by a car and died

The old lady decided not to get anymore cats

Cat Scratch, Cat Scratch, Cat Scratch

Story 2:

You’re walking through a dark alley late at night

You are the only one there

The ground is slick with rain

The alley is filled with garbage cans and litter

But then you hear something

A movement in the garbage cans

You pick up your pace

You want to get out of the alley fast

But then you see something

Red eyes

Glowing red cat eyes

They are eyes of an enormous cat

You run, but the cat chases you and jumps you

It scratches you one, two, three

Cat Scratch, Cat Scratch, Cat Scratch

Why Play “Cat Scratch?”

It’s a fun game with little consequence (if the phantom cat does scratch you it’s not that bad), it can be helpful for the “victim” if they have a headache as well, as massaging your temples tends to help with migraines and headaches :).

Do I Recommend Playing “Cat Scratch”?

Sure, I see no problem in playing it, it’s fun to see if it works and then try to explain it when it does. As of writing this (11/17/19) I haven’t tried it myself but I plan on trying it if I can get my family to partake in it lol. (Below is a picture of my leg…there were no scratches at all prior to researching how to play this game, I noticed it after reading the second story in my head, weird huh? lol you may not even need the storyteller to make this happen~)


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