Self.Inc (Rebuild your Credit, No Hard Pulls)

Click HERE to Start Building or Rebuilding Your Credit Now!

Wanna build your credit or keep getting turned down for Credit Cards? Use my referral link above and make an account on Self, with Self you’re able to pick out of 4 options to make monthly payments I set mine to $48 a month (I believe the options were $25|$48|$89|or $150), and I only had to pay a $9.00 Administrative Fee the day I started my account the $48 will start the following month and once you make 3 on time payments and have $100 placed in the account you’ll get a Credit Card to use with the amount you’ve paid in As your Credit Line (you can make these payments auto pay as well like I did so you won’t forget) They won’t do a hard pull on your credit and report to all 3 credit bureaus. Basically they give you a loan based on the mounthly payment amount you selected (mine is $539) and your monthly payments go towards paying that off…in order to show you can pay off debts, once you’ve paid off the whole amount they’ll release the amount in it’s entirety to you. Sounds like a great deal to me, I’ve been turned down for so many Credit Cards (especially the Amazon Card I want cause I buy everything on Amazon) and it’s all because my credit got screwed up because of a doctor bill I don’t remember and trying to go to online college, getting screwed over, and refusing to pay for something I got no use for~ With Self I can work on rebuilding my credit and hopefully get back on track.

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