Star-Clicks is an awesome site where you can get paid (as a publisher) just to click on ads, they provide ads, you click the ad, it opens in a new window, and as soon as it loads, you get paid ($0.01 per ad on the free membership but hey it’s something).

As a free (Silver) member you can make 9 cents per day as you’ll get 9 ads per day (they reset every 24 hours so this is a site where you can quickly click 9 ads and then come back and do it again tomorrow and eventually you’ll make some money :))

As a Gold member you can make $6.30 per day

As a Platinum member you can make $9.45 per day

(As a gold or platinum member though you have the opportunity to make more because you also get HTML to put ads on your own website as well)

====> CLICK HERE (to see about being a publisher/advertiser) <====

*As a publisher you are given ads to click on that you get paid to click

*As an advertiser you can pay for clicks to get traffic to your website (requires a minimum of $5.00 investment to start)

====> CLICK HERE (to see how it works) <====

Learn how the whole thing works

====> CLICK HERE (to sign up for free) <====

Pick which one you wanna do: publisher (click ads=get paid) or advertiser (pay for clicks=get traffic)

Sign up for free, don’t forget to verify your email and mobile phone

Upgrade if you want to 🙂 or continue as a free member

*Please note I do not yet know if this is 100% legit, I’ve only just started it myself (and am on the free membership) but there’s no harm in spending a few moments a day clicking ads and getting 9 cents (once I have enough to get a payout, which for free members is $50.00 then I will see if it’s legit and will really payout…at which point I’ll likely upgrade)

It’s said you can actually upgrade using your balance as well so if you can accumulate enough money with the free membership you can upgrade for free essentially (however they gold & platinum are a monthly thing…which is sad)

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