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The Queen Mary:

The Queen Mary is a British ocean liner that sailed from 1936-1967, Her maiden voyage began on May 26th of 1936 and during World War II The Queen Mary was converted into a troopship to ferry allied soldiers.

Following the war, The Queen Mary was refitted for her original purpose as a transatlantic passenger ship and her and her “sister ship” The Queen Elizabeth dominated the market, until the dawn of the jet age in the late 1950s.

By the mid 1960s, Queen Mary was aging and operating at a loss, so the ship was retired from service in 1967, She left South Hampton for the last time on October 31st 1967 and sailed to Long Beach, California, where she’s now permanently moored.

The Queen Mary is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and now serves as a tourist attraction, featuring restaurants, a museum, and a hotel.

Neat Facts About The Queen Mary:

During her conversion in the second World War her hull was repainted navy grey, that coupled with her speed made her become known as “The Grey Ghost” which to me is very fitting.

The Queen Mary was featured in the 1966 film, Assault on a Queen, starring Frank Sinatra.

The Queen Mary was auctioned off and Long Beach, California won the bid of $3.45m

In 2008 Time Magazine included The Queen Mary in it’s “Top 10 Haunted Places

Ghosts of The Queen Mary:

Stateroom B340:

The most haunted room, Stateroom B340 has had so many deaths in it that it wasn’t even available to rent for 30 years! (Now they’ve opened it to guests but the price for that room starts at $499.00 per night ouch) Room B340 also comes with a chest of treasures to test the ghostly encounters (including a Ouiga Board, Crystal Ball, and Tarot Cards)

A pillar in the middle of the room has true story on each of the four sides from guests that stayed there and encountered something creepy.

Lights will turn on by themselves, bathroom faucets will turn on and off by themselves, you can see shadow figures and hear whispers, many Youtubers have gone there and stayed in B340 and had really bizarre things happen: Sam & Colby, Shane Dawson, & Hailey Reese (just to name a few)

Other Reported Ghosts:

There is said to be a “lady in white”, children who had drowned in the pool, and an engineer who had died in the engine room.

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