The Movie That Fell Off The Face Of The Earth

Do you know obscure “Horror” or “Psychological” Movies?

If so then I desperately need YOUR help in order to locate the name of a Movie I KNOW I watched and it existed, if you read my story about My Grandma, My 1st Ghost Sighting then you know I feel like “something strange” happened back in 2009 and this movie falling off the face of the Earth is in line with that.

Back in 2012 I asked people on Yahoo Answers, Ask A Horror Movie Question, & if they knew the name of this movie by what I remembered of it, there were quite a few guesses on BadMovies but still to this day I don’t know the title 🙁 Perhaps one of you watching could set my mind at ease.


I rented this movie (along with the movie Splinter) from a Star Traxx, the day I got out of the hospital (from having my Laproscopy), So it was in early July of 2009 and I found it in the “New Releases” section (though I don’t know how long they stay in that section before moving onto the everyday shelves or even if they have to be “newly released” as opposed to just being “new” to the store.

Weird Happenstance:

When I first started thinking about that movie again, and wanting to rewatch it but couldn’t remember the name of it, I thought maybe since we rented a lot from that Star Traxx that maybe I could find out what titles I had rented in July of 2009 (mind you I kinda wanted to rewatch about 3 months later not the many years it’s been now).  Well guess what, turns out I could do that but there was an outage that erased some of their data and just as my luck would have it, it wiped out the first few weeks worth of July rentals :/ (I can’t win for losing, and this REALLY makes me think something happened in 2009~)

What I Remember About The Movie:

It mostly took place in the woods (late Autumn I assume as I recall dead leaves blanketed the ground.)

I believe the cast consisted of: The main guy, his girlfriend, one of his “buddies”, his buddies girlfriend and a lesbian who also liked his buddies girlfriend.

They were on a roadtrip to a “cool” camp spot and either ran out of gas or popped a tire and just decided to go into the woods and setup camp there.

One by one they are killed and at the end cops find the main boy and the scene blacks out…
It comes back in a mental hospital where a nurse is telling the policeman that the boy suffered from multiple personalities and was off his meds.  The cop shares the news that the main boys clothes & blood were the only things found out there (no other bodies, no one else’s blood, nothing…the wounds on the boy were self inflicted.)  The nurse tells that he was “killing off his alter egos” as we get a flashback.

The flashback as we see it in the beginning: They’re driving and the main boys girlfriend says something, he looks over at her, says something, then laughing, turns back to watch the road.

The flashback as a flashback at the end: They’re driving and the main BOY says says something (as his girlfriend), he looks over and laughs (this time it shows no one in the car but him.)

I’d say it obscure (I don’t think there were any big name actors or actresses in it.)

I think the main boy had short dirty blonde hair and a somewhat strange short name (it may have been a foreign movie though I watched it in English)

I’m pretty sure the title is either 1 or 2 words and plays on the plot…I remember when I rented it I was thinking “what’s up with this name?” then when it was over I was like “OMG that’s why it’s called ______”

Because of most of the suggestions from the other sites long ago the main thing I wanna stress is that there NO giveaway AT ALL that this is anything more than an 80’s type “slasher” movie until the last 5-10 minutes

Things Already Suggested That I Know It’s Not:

Perfect Getaway
Shrooms (have no clue why someone thought it maybe this, but it’s not)
High Tension (I love this movie and gotta say the plot comes close but it is not right)
Wrong Turn (again I don’t know why this has been suggested but I can safely say it’s not Wrong Turn or any of it’s sequels)

Room 33


Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

Into The Woods


Capfire Tales

6 Souls

Dead End

The Jacket

The Hitcher

Do you have any idea about what this title might be?  Anything at all?  Please leave a comment below, if it turns out to not be the right movie it’ll give others (and possibly even myself) something to maybe go watch anyway 🙂


10 thoughts on “The Movie That Fell Off The Face Of The Earth

  1. Is it not Joy Ride? I don’t know, I’ve seen so many thrillers and such movies that sometimes I get even mixed up and don’t know which one is which one 🙂
    Anyway, one of the movies that was most impressive to me personally was Mulholland Drive. It’s so weird! But so good at the same time. I wonder if you’ve seen that and what’s your opinion about it.

  2. I hate it when this happens to me. I’d normally google it as much as I can. Perhaps you can check to see if the actors are in any other movies or shows if you recognize their faces? Or if you can try to remember character names? Good luck with your continuing search.

    1. That’s the problem though I don’t remember any of the names (except I believe the main guy had a short…maybe 3 letter name that started with an L) and I don’t think there were any big name actors in it.  I have tried googling and at one point I even searched through every movie made in 2008-2009 in the “slasher” & Psychological Thriller” genres, to no avail

  3. Even i don’t know what the movie was ,but i could say ,The way of expressing the story was superbe,While i,am reading your lines it make me real.I think you’re become a good story writer and this article make me to feels about the real ghost movies .Make more article like this its,increase your skill and thank for giving this article


  4. This movie looks really similar to a movie my friend narrated to me last also centers on a lesbians girlfriend and her friends. I would enquire from my friend about the movie and ask him to tell me about it. He is a lover of movies and would definitely know the name of the movie. I can’t wait to watch the movie too because it looks like a movie that would be really nice interesting.

    1. omg thank you, I really hope it’s the same movie (it’s been driving me absolutely up the wall) Please let me know if he tells you the title.

  5. I do not think I have come across this movie before and that is mainly because I’m not much into horror movies anymore. For a second I thought it may be dead end but clearly you have put that one as an off side. Looks like there are quite a number of horror movies with just about the same story line going into the woods on some teen trip and things start happening. I’ll ask a friend of mine who is all about horror movies  and has quite a sharp memory. So the long part of the movie the boy will be in the hospital?

    1. The boy is in the hospital at the very end of the movie, most of the movie takes place in the woods and it has the complete setup of just being a slasher movie where everyone is getting killed by a crazy ax wielding park ranger if I recall correctly.

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