Wanna Make Money?

This website you are on right now was created with no website knowledge or computer skills (I don’t know code or anything else on the technical end of a computer, and yet I have this website up and running all thanks to WealthyAffiliate.com.

Click the link above (or any of the pictures here) and sign up yourself (It’s 100% FREE as a starter member NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED!, That still lets you do quite a bit AND make up to 2 free websites that you can use for I believe 6 months) and if you really like it you can upgrade (within the 1st week) to become a Premium member for a $39.00 DICOUNT!, That means it’s only $19.00 (no tax) the first month!.  If you wait it’ll be the normal $49.00 per month.




The Black Friday Sale launches November 29th at 7AM PST at which time you’ll be able to sign up for the Yearly membership for only $299.00 (Normaly $359.00) This ends December 2nd at midnight so HURRY OFFER ENDS SOON! You don’t wanna miss this Bargain!



WealthyAffiliate offers very easy to follow lessons (with videos showing the exact process) to help you set-up, start-up, and build up your very own website (and as a Premium member you can actually have UP TO 50! [25 free & 25 paid].

They have Live Chat help, Live Events, loads of step-by-step training (with steps you can check off as you do them and it’ll save where you stopped if you need a break or decide to go to a different site for a while (The first course is free and has 10 lessons, this is enough to get your 1st free website off the ground).

They have a Research page through a site called Jaxxy that’ll let you check search words average, traffic, & QSR (which is the competition for those keywords in the search engine) As a free member you can do 30 searches but as a premium member they’re unlimited.

You can keep track of everything about your website (or websites if you have more than one) right on your WealthyAffiliate page and can even login to the website of your choice from the “Websites” Site Manager Page, and the best thing is they wanna make sure that you’re safe from hackers so you can click “Reset Password” right next to “log in” and it will generate a brand new comprehensive password the you don’t have to remember, after resetting the password all you have to do is click “log in” no worries :).

So, do you have something you’re passonate about?  Something you could write about all the time?  Wanna try your hand at creating a website all your own?  Then join WealthyAffiliate.com and get started today.  With the free membership there’s nothing to lose.





One thought on “Wanna Make Money?

  1. Wealthy Affiliate BlackFriday is a great offer, no doubt about it. It is a perfect time to get great value for a very affordable price. I would say it is a “bargain!”

    For less than a dollar daily you get the whole system at your disposal. Anyone who likes online and affiliate marketing can profit from it.

    Having a passion and turning it into lucrative business online is a dream for many people worldwide. It is also the best way to start a business online.

    I wish you too to have a lot of success with your passion.


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