Who is Lauren? My Newest Paranormal Journey Into Madness

Do you know Lauren?

Events as they’ve transpired:

On May 8th, 2020:

I received an email from eBay

showing me new stuff from saved sellers

Usually I don’t bother with them but a vintage doll

peaked my interest and I went to read the description

(I had NO interest in making ANY purchases…

I just wanted to read the description because it looked new.)

At the bottom where it shows “similar items” a doll caught my eye:

Haunted Porcelain Doll- (Mike)- 15″ the description read:


“I made the terrible mistake of buying a huge bulk lot of dolls

from an estate sale lat year, ignoring the warning from a

friend who had informed me that the items the particular

family happened to be selling that day were of a deceased

woman who had practiced witchcraft all of her life. I was

told that these items were extremely haunted and not to

attend the sale.


I never realized the amount of havoc most

of these dolls would eventually wreak on my home and

although I have grown attached to a certain few of the dolls

over time due to their pleasant nature and the wonderful

dreams and feelings they give me, I do not have the

experience to deal with the more evil spirited ones,

nor the desire or patience to do so.


Unfortunately, I do not know much background to these dolls,

their names, nor do I understand them enough to know how they

were originally overtaken by the very spirits that possess them but

I do know that I am not the right home for these entities and after

some thought, I believe they are a better fit for someone who enjoys

the paranormal activity each of them present and a better fit for

someone who has a high amount of experience with such entities,

most of which have a very evil presence and energy.


Please have experience with these spirits before bringing them into your home!

I cannot stress this enough! They are all extremely active!

Much of the activity I have witnessed first hand from all of

these dolls in one form or another include but are not

limited to….


Loud banging on walls, pictures rattling, fires

started, electrical appliances shutting off and turning on,

extreme nightmares, extreme bursts of anxiety,

mood swings, good luck at times, bad luck at times.

Their energy has caused candles to light, faucets to drip

for no reason, rooms of the house will get very cold while

the heat is on, some rooms even get hot when the heat is off.


These entities have caused lights to come on, flicker,

or even suddenly shutting off. Radios in my garage have

come on without being used for several years, seemingly

a.m. religious stations most of the time. I have heard crying

late at night. Sometimes more than one will cry at a time

and it gets pretty scary. Their energy has caused me to

drop glasses and has even caused things to fly or fall off

my shelf with no other explanation.


Doors have slammed, jammed, and pipes in my bathroom have become faulty in

the recent past. Their energy even caused my shower head

to completely bust off of the wall.


I never really thought anyone would ever want to take these off of my hands but

it is worth a shot because I am fed up with many of them and I want them gone.

Like I said earlier, I know very little about the origins of

who, how, when where or why these dolls are so possessed

so I won’t be much help to answer many questions in

relation to such other than the experiences I have had with

them which I have noted in the description above, not to

mention that I am almost afraid to describe them

individually in fear that I may summon their energy inside

of my home even more so then I already have.


I am not sure if these haunted dolls would be evil towards every one

they encounter or if there is something I specifically did to

anger them but the fact of the matter is regardless, they

are extremely possessed and I have angered them

somehow so basically, if you anger them the same, it

might not be a good idea to do so unless you know what

you are doing and again, have experience with such

entities before purchase and I ask that you only order if

you are the age of 18 or older.”


I figured this person was making up a story in order to

sell the dolls but I was really “drawn” to “Mike” and a part

of me was compelled to reach out to help the person

Seeing as I already have “Haunted Dolls” and a glass

display so I sent this message on “Mike”:


“If you’re unable to sell any of these haunted dolls and

really do “just want them gone” I maybe able to buy the

whole set of them if you can sell them pretty cheap

(I don’t have much “leisure” money at this time but I would

be willing to take them off your hands if you need)”


They replied:

“hello, I certainly do, I have 12 of them listed as of right now,

what price are you willing to propose for all?”


I replied:

“Well I only get paid once a month and have about

$150.00 left to go on for the whole month. I know it’s

probably not much but I’d feel comfortable spending

around $50. Like I said I don’t have a lot and this is mainly

to help take them off your hands if that’s not enough I

completely understand and would hear out what price

you’d be willing to sell them all for (there maybe a small

possibility I could do a little more.)

I did ask this question on (Mike) because he’s one I

feel drawn to”


They replied:

“I understand completely, the only problem would be the

shipping costs would amount to almost if not all of that

much because some of them weigh a lot. I would be

willing to do $100 for all just to get rid of them.

Please let me know if this works for you. I am sending you

an offer for $100 on mike and if you get him, I will pull the

rest of the listings and send them all. thanks.”


They then sent me an “offer” on “Mike” for $100.00 until

7:43 am on May 10th with a message saying “This will be

sent with all of the others dolls listed if accepted”


I was really worried trusting that but part of me said they’re

trustworthy so I immediately took the offer, they

immediately removed all the other listings and shipped

them that day.


I got all 12 on May 12th, took a picture of each one as I

unwrapped them and one female doll came out blurred and

off center when it wasn’t upon taking the picture…

May 16th, 2020:

(click here to read my near death that day)

I woke myself up around 2:40 am by kicking a

box of plastic forks off my bed and scaring myself when it

hit the ground… I went to the bathroom around 3am and as

I was leaving the bathroom I heard a woman’s voice say

“Lauren?~” as if she was searching down an echoing hall.

May 17th, 2020:

I was awoken from a dead sleep just after 3am

by that same woman saying “Lauren Taylor, where are you?!”

as if frantically searching, I immediately did a search for “Lauren Taylor”

yeah there’s an actress with that name but I had seen a quick glimpse

of a girl as I woke and it wasn’t her.

I looked on “MissingKids.org” for a first name Lauren, last name Taylor…

no results so I tried first name Lauren middle name Taylor…there were 4 results

and this one (the pic on the left) eerily looked like the image I saw,

a few small differences (such as lighter hair and thinner face),

but from what I can tell there’s no “Taylor” in her name…

May 18th, 2020:

I had a dream that I was in bed and heard a noise

I grabbed my flashlight and slowly took it across my room,

I noticed a porcelain pony “galloping” in place on my shelf.


As I put the light on it the pony floated off the shelf and hit

the floor, shattering then I heard footsteps run out of my

room. Later on a little girl grabbed my arm and I had a

flashback/replay of what had happened, she was “playing”

with the pony and the light went over her eyes and she

quickly put her hand up to shield her eyes, dropping the

pony in the process. Then she ran away because she thought

she was in trouble.


That’s when I woke up.

May 19th, 2020:

I was startled awake at 3:30 am by that same

woman screaming “LAUREN!” as if a mother just

discovered the dead body of her child. I don’t know

anybody named Lauren but I keep feeling it’s somehow

connected to that doll that blurred. She wears blue jeans,

a pink shirt with a white bow, and a pink cardigan.

*edited in* May 20th, 2020:

I thought I had 1 day of relief where nothing

happened, however I learned late May 22nd that I completely

lost this day…when it was Friday I could’ve sworn it was


May 21st, 2020:

I had a dream I was in the same room as the

dream on the 18th. I heard a man stomping down the hall

yelling “Lauren get out here!” it kinda sounded like Lara but

I think it was because he had a strong, (Australian?) accent

he stopped at my door and had to bend down to get in

because he was so tall.


He was wearing blue jeans and a

red plaid shirt, he had pretty blue eyes and had a shortish full beard

and mustache that matched his hair (which was like a

highlighted blondish with brown roots)


He looked at me like a deer caught in headlights then finally said “Where is she?”

I replied terrified and near tears “I…I don’t know~” He came

at me quickly and I woke up, it was 5 am…


this man looked like a lumberjack and my mind put the name Lonnie to him

which is a spirit my mom and I have talked to on the Ouija

Board quite a bit a few years ago. I thought he was a good

guy who had been murdered by his best friend (Seoul?) if I

remember right, and buried under the lumber mill where he

worked and police had never found him…but my horoscope

today said this:


“You could see certain people in a new light. Some of what

you discover will be reassuring or comforting. But what

you learn about others could confuse or disappoint you.

It’s by getting to know particular individuals on their terms

that helps you to see the reality of your connection with

them. If you thought you had an accurate measure of them,

then think again.”

May 23rd, 2020:

3 am on the dot I heard a loud “knock” from the

living room (where “the doll” was… I had told my mom to

take her for the night so I could hopefully get a good night

sleep). I held the flashlight on my door and said “hello? is

someone out there?” and I heard what sounded like a

woman talking from the living room sounded like the same

voice from the 1st night… I couldn’t fully make out WHAT

she was saying as it was in a hushed scared tone, but it

sounded a bit like “It’s ok, we’re gonna get outta here”.


I made my way slowly into the living room, almost expecting

to see someone standing there but there was no one, only

the doll on a different nightstand then I anticipated. I brought

her back into my room.


Based on what we got with the Ouija Board while talking to Lonnie

back in 2018 we surmised that he was “bound” to a rickety portable table,

luckily my mom still had it and we brought the table into my room, placed the

Ouija Board on it and placed the doll on it and we tried getting answers.


Sadly while every time we asked if anything wanted to communicate with us

it quickly went to “YES” most every question resulted in either no movement,

a feeling of “tug-of-war” beneath our fingers (as if multiple things were trying to

answer at one time in opposite directions…), or a repeat of going to “R…R”

which my mom can only think of “railroad” and I just had an epiphany while sitting here

writing this…maybe it stood for “Ricky Rogers”, this was a man I had had plenty of

nightmares about a long time ago…all I can remember about my nightmares now

was he was listed in the newspaper as a 45 or 46 year old murderer~

Can you help?

The eBay seller has since listed 45 more tiny dolls with the same description which makes me think they made up

eveything to sell them (or maybe they just didn’t have them all together at the time) HOWEVER, I do believe at least 2 of the 12 ARE indeed haunted whether they thought so or not

(one is a clown doll that I get the worst vibe from and who is now behind glass where he’ll stay)

and the other is the one I showed above that had blurred.

my mom keeps hearing a kid laughing and small shoes tapping across the floor

I keep having visions and dreams and hearing a woman (all about “Lauren”)

(The last dream I had about this was I believe May 24th 2020, it was just the little girl

(who had broke the pony in my May 18th dream) pointing at what looked like

an old porch with stairs you could see under and a lattice that went around…she was pointing

under the stairs, made me feel like maybe she was buried there or somthing~)


I don’t know if it’ll help but the eBay seller lives in ASHLAND, OHIO

and the package was sent from MANSFIELD, OH


I really wish I knew more about WHERE the seller had actually got the dolls but I sent them a message

on May 19th after what had happened, asking if they knew ANYTHING at all about a Lauren, but they

haven’t responded~ I know I can’t just ask straight out about information because then my message won’t

be sent at all because of privacy and all. I just wanna know…am I witnessing a murder about to happen,

taking place, or one that already happened? Is this all just in my head or what it’s scary when something

happens over the course of days all relating to the same thing :(.



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